Ways to Ruin an RV Getaway

Using a 5th wheel hitch to pull a trailer with a pickup truck comes with certain drawbacks. For instance, the hitch point is lower than the top edge of the bed, so you have to lower the tailgate, back the truck up to the hitch, then put the tailgate back up before driving off. This process can lead to errors and accidents, such as denting the tailgate or damaging the front of the trailer or the corner of the tailgate.

However, with Saves A Gate, these potential problems are virtually eliminated. Saves A Gate is a visual reminder that prompts you to latch the hitch, eliminating the possibility of dropping the trailer on the tailgate, which could cause hundreds of dollars in damage. Saves A Gate catches your eye and makes the hitching process more convenient and error-free.

Imagine you've driven hundreds of miles to reach your destination. After several attempts and some minor adjustments, you've positioned your fifth wheel perfectly on the campsite. You've gone through the necessary steps of chocking the wheels, lowering the landing legs, disconnecting from your fifth wheel trailer hitch, and even extending your slides. You're all set up and ready to start cooking dinner around the fire pit when you realize you're out of cooking oil, drinks, or sides.

You check that the cables between your truck and fifth wheel are disconnected and jump into your truck to make a quick run to the store. You shift into drive and start to pull away, only to hear a loud CRACK! You forgot to lower the tailgate, and now your fifth wheel pin box has dented or bowed out your tailgate.

But with Saves A Gate, this kind of mishap can be avoided. Saves A Gate is designed to remind you to lower the tailgate, reducing the possibility of such accidents happening to you. So take a deep breath and relax, because using Saves A Gate, you'll never forget to lower the tailgate again.

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